Vital Child Safety Tips For 21st Century Parents

With increasing incidences of child abuse, child abduction, and accidents happening to children all over the world, it is more vital than ever for parents to educate children to be aware of these dangers more than ever before.  Child safety tips for parents and relevant training helps you know what to teach your children to keep them safe, and children should be taught about the many dangers they could face as soon as they are able to understand.

There are many useful resources and guides that can be found online for parents to help keep children from the dangers of accidents at home and out in the real world. This includes teaching them about how they should access the internet safely as soon as they get their hands on their first smartphone. 

If you are a parent or expecting to become parents soon, consider investing in child safety training and parenting guides to raise happy healthy children. Remember, it is not only the threats from criminal activities and child abuse that can harm children, but what about accidents at home, and dangers lurking online now that children have new technology at such young ages?

In the 21st century, fast-paced lifestyles we live in the hard truth is that there’s no shortage of dangers out there for adults and for children. Although we do everything possible to protect our children, it’s impossible to be with them 24 hours a day, like when they are at school or visiting friends for a birthday party…

Child safety vigilance in parents helps lower the threat, though, so invest in parenting guides that will help you teach your children from the age when they can understand the world can be a dangerous place.

Dangers Lurk Around Every Corner for Children, Even at Home!

While children are growing up, they are apt to explore their surroundings, and many accidents, even fatal ones, have happened in the safety of their own homes.  Parents that have suffered these traumas of children getting seriously injured, and even after losing children will always think in hindsight of what they should have done to protect their children.

Keeping your children safe from harm is an endless ongoing task and one which you will keep on with for your lifetime.

Real child safety guides and training tips from experts and counselors are a worthwhile investment. Do some research online, and you will find accurate information, child safety products, and guidelines for better parenting. You also want to know what to teach your children about being safe; in order for them to be safe in simple methods that they can understand.

Child safety is now paramount for parents considering these alarming statistics shown below that were accurate at the time of writing this article, but these could probably be even worse now:

  • A child is reported missing every 35 seconds in the U.S, and this is even worse in some 3rd world countries
  • 74% of all child abductions are of female victims, but male children are not exempt.
  • More than 2 million children are affected by sexual abuse in the U.S.  And this figure escalates in Europe and other countries.
  • One out of every three teens aged 12 to 17 has been the victim of cyberbullying.
  • Thousands of children are killed in cycling accidents worldwide every year.
  • The serious injuries suffered by children from accidents in the home are extremely high and increasing as technology becomes more prevalent in our homes.
  • Baby-proofing and child-proofing your home is a way to decrease the risk of injuries happening in your home by up to 75%.

Read more statistics and information about child safety at:

Keeping your children safe from harm and dangers as a parent can be done by learning child safety basic rules. It is equally crucial to teach children that safety first should always be in their minds at home, while away at school, when they play or when they are interacting with their peers during recreational activities.

You, as parents, want your children to grow up and develop to face the challenges of the world in a safe and secure environment.  Teaching them safety guidelines is important for them to be aware of the danger around them, but this must be done in a balanced way to prevent them from becoming paranoid.

You can easily keep your children safe by being aware of the many dangers out there and guiding them on what to look out for in dangers at home and while out and about. There’s no shortage of child safety for parents in tips, written, and video courses accessible online that can assist you with all of the different aspects of keeping your children safe.

Consider making an investment from parenting guides from experts on the safety of children to prevent something happening you could regret later.

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